The Best Online Real Money Fishing Games in Malaysia

SG fishng God 305x200 1

SG Fishing God

Can you brace all odds and become the ultimate Fishing God? Put your skills to test and try the Fishing God at Spade Gaming.

SG fishing war 305x200 1

SG Fishing War

Fishing War is where you can play the most immersive, imaginative, and visually-pleasing fishing game. Give it a try now!

918kiss fishing 305x200 1

918Kiss Fishing

The Merman of Ocean King is a strong one to take down, would you be the hero to do it or would other players defeat him? Let’s find out!

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Playtech Fishing

Dive into the colorful ocean world and find the treasure of winning a rewarding payout and cash out your winning at the top!

How Were Fishing Games Like Before The Online Version Came Along?

Let’s talk about childhood games. Remember the fishing game toy we used to play when we were kids? The toy set comes with tiny fish whose mouths will open and close randomly when the fishpond rotates. Then, we have to fish it out of the fishpond using the fishing rod that comes with it. The person who gets the most fish becomes the winner. What a classic! The best part about a fishing game toy is that although it is so simple to play, it still does its job at keeping the kids (or adults) entertained. Then came technology. With it, most of the games received an upgrade because developers were able to go crazy with their innovations. Arcades became filled with big mechanical machines. Each time a game was played or won, chirpy and jolly tunes would ring loudly. In no time, arcades became a happy place in the hearts of many. The fishing games we used to play when we were kids? Well, they got an upgrade too. Now, these fishing games are available in gigantic arcade machines plastered with a 42-inch screen, and joysticks and buttons that players can meddle with to control the game. One arcade machine can fit up to eight players. No matter what kind of fishing games you are playing, the experience ought to be very realistic and immersive when you are playing it on a 42-inch screen. With high resolution into the bargain, you can see even the most minute detail and intricate designs of the game. You are bound to be in awe when you notice the discoloration of rocks, the different hues of greens of the kelps, the different textures of sand on the ocean floor, the scales on the fish, and the true to life colors of the aquatic animals. Unlike the toy set we used to play, arcade machine fishing games are a lot more intense, and they come with rewards when you come out a winner.

How To Play Arcade Machine Fishing Games?

Arcade machine fishing games are unlike the toy set we used to play, where we fished only. This time around, we are playing with weapons and explosives. The purpose of arcade machine fishing games is to shoot (or explode) as many fish as you can. The more fish you shoot at, the faster you will accumulate your points and the more payout you can collect.

Step 1: Starting The Game
Insert coins/notes (credit) into the slot to get the game rolling. These coins or notes are your credit.

Step 2: Choose Your Weapon
All fish-shooting games have different weapons for players to choose from, and the most common ones are guns. All guns have different functions, so it is up to how you like to hunt your fish. You can also switch it up at any point in the game.

Step 3: Aim And Pull The Trigger
(aka press the shoot button) Aim your weapon at the fish and fire away.

Step 4: Ending The Game
When the game finishes, you can collect your payout. Who would have known a game as easy as aiming and shooting can help you win money?

Fishing Games Today

Just like slot machines games, fishing games are now available online following the advancement of technology and developers’ innovations. Online fishing games are the same as arcade machine fishing games, only, they are available, as its namesake implies, online. When you play online fishing games, you can play so via your mobile phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop.

Diving Deeper Into The World Of Online Fishing

Online fishing games are real money casino fishing games because you need to pay money to play them. Also, any player of the legal gambling age can play fishing games because they have an affordable minimum bet amount. There are all sorts of species of fish, and each one has a different value. As a rule of thumb, big fish are worth a lot more than smaller ones. Your credit corresponds to the fish you have killed, and the higher your credit is, the higher the real money you will receive. There are also special features and a fishing season that will maximize your payout by heaps. Before you play any fishing game, be sure to check out the paytable. The paytable will let you know information such as the value of each fish, game modes, game settings, keyboard settings, special features, and game rules.

What Is So Interesting About Online Fishing Games?

Online fishing games are a godsend.
Anybody can pick up the game in no time, they are not dependent on luck, and there is no need for any brain-straining mathematical calculations. The best part is fishing games let you win a handsome payout even though it is easy to play.
Here are other reasons why players enjoy fishing games, or why you should play fishing games if you are new to the game:
1. Winning is effortless
Every player has a great shot at winning a high payout because online fishing games are easy to win; although, practicing will do you good in the long run. Unlike other casino games, where luck or complicated strategies play a role, you are in control when playing online fishing games because all you need to do it aim and shoot at your targets (fish). Each fish that you shoot gets your closer to winning big rewards, a jackpot included.
Another great thing about online fishing games is that these games promise a Return to Player (RTP) percentage of at least 95%. Some can go as high as 98%.
2. It has special features
Online fishing games are not rigid. There are features and tools that you can enable to switch things up:
a) Fishing tools such as nets and water bombs can help wipe out most of the fish, even the high-rewarding ones, at one go. These gears are going to contribute heaps to your payout.
b) You can switch between guns. Each gun has different traits and will perform differently. The better the performance, the more it is going to cost you to claim/enable it.
c) Fishing season is when all species of fish come together, forming multiple patterns. The fishing season is a great way for you to shoot at different fish that hold different values at one go.
d) High-value fish/symbols like a golden dragon appear regularly, which can boost your rewards exponentially during your hunt. Knowing that you have a great shot at attaining the grand prize will do a lot in terms of boosting your mood too!
e) You can choose which level you want to start your fishing game. There are three levels: beginner, intermediate, and expert. The beginner level requires the smallest bet amount and lets you activate the least weapon.
3. Convenience
Play or win money anytime and anywhere. You can play any fishing games as long as you have a mobile gadget and an internet connection.
4. No troublesome clauses
Fishing games are some of the easiest-going online gambling games. After each game, if you win, you can immediately withdraw your payout and put it in your bank account anytime you wish.
5. Extensive library
Although all online fishing games share the same gameplay, each comes with a different storyline and theme. Therefore, no matter which online gaming platform you visit, you will never play the same fishing game twice.
6. Cool graphics
All fishing games have very realistic visuals; whether you are shooting, an explosion is happening, or the fishes are swimming in formation, all of it looks very real. The gaming experience is complete with the lively tunes playing in the background and pairing each action you do.
7. Free game
A majority of online gaming platforms will have the Free Tryout feature. With this feature, you can play the selected fish games for free, familiarize yourself with the game, pick up a few strategies, and decide if a particular fishing game suits your style of play or not. If not, you are under no obligation to stick around.
You cannot get free fishing games with arcade machine fishing games.

Where Can You Play Online Fishing Games?

Who wants to get their hands on great fishing games and win money? You and me!
The betting community doesn’t give enough credits to fishing games. They are some of the most entertaining and rewarding casino games! If you are new to online betting, you should consider beginning your journey with fishing games.
To get started, we highly recommend that you visit gaming platforms such as 918Kiss, Spade Gaming, and Playtech. They offer some of the most popular fishing games. Some of the fishing games you must try are:
1. Ocean King from 918Kiss
2. Fishing War from Spade Gaming
3. Fishing God from Spade Gaming
4. Fu Fish from Playtech
The themes for these games are, of course, linked to the deep blue ocean.
Ocean King
Wander in the beauty of violet and green quartz hidden deep under the ocean, and battle against the Ocean King, Merman, to win high payouts.
Fishing War
Get hypnotized by the colourful and eccentric aquatic species in Fishing War, set in an oriental theme.
Fishing God
Fishing God may be a fishing game, but you ought to look out for the crabs! They are the species that will bring you good fortune.
Fu Fish
Play Fu Fish fishing game if you are in the mood to play something more youthful and to surround yourself with beautiful corals, swaying kelps, and glowing anemone!
As mentioned beforehand, all of these games are fish-shooting games that you can play online and come with high payout rates, special features, and immersive visuals and sounds effects. If you want to learn more about these games and see how you can maximize your chances of winning, be sure to keep an eye out on our upcoming articles!

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