Kuma Gaming (KUMA)​ Introducing Malaysian Online Entertainment City

Kuma Gaming (KUMA) was founded in 2010 and it was created by a team of knowledgeable and skillful experts. They became a sensation in the market following the launch of their bold game product, the AV actress slot game. What are the differences between Kuma and other regular slot games providers? The AV slot games created by Kuma are categorized into 2 groups, real-person, and anime. The games are filled with high-definition seductive images and they are complemented with the real AV actresses’ voicse effects. There are also lots of hidden surprise that will keep the players’ blood boiling for more. Our goal is to create the best gaming experience for players by developing unique and high-quality games.

Types of KUMA slot games

  • Classic Asian slot games
    If you would like to play something other the AV themed slot games, KUMA has ittoo. They can satisfy the needs and desires of all players!

  • AV actress slot games
    AV actress slot games allow the players to enjoy the sexy postures from various Japanese AV actresses. They also have many different types of gameplay!

  • Anime slot games
    KUMA anime slot games are slot games that use seductive anime as the main theme. If you are a hardcore anime fan, you should not miss out on this!

  • Popular featured games
    Are you overwhelmed by the diverse choices offered in the KUMA slot games platform and do not know where to start from? Do not worry! Why not start your journey with the hottest and most popular slot games that we have listed out for you?

What types of slot games can I play on Kuma Gaming (KUMA)?

The main focus of Kuma Gaming is to develop and innovate new slot games. Other than offering the regular Asian slot games, we have also created various themed slot games featuring popular Japanese AV actresses that can give the players a whole new experience. Besides offering real AV actress slot games, KUMA also provides several different AV themed anime slot games, bewitching players into playing it again and again.

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A different kind of slot room that stimulate all your senses. Beautiful Japanese idols awaits you!

3 KUMA AV themed slot games that you should not miss!

KUMA is a unique slots entertainment platform. Here are some of the popular recommended games for you!

  • KUMA AV themed slot games: Erotic Treatment Clinic
    The main characters of this anime slot game comprise of some sexy and voluptuous nurses. Each anime image has a breast-vibration control and original voice dubbing by an AV voice actor which leads the players into a different sexy dimension as they play!
  • KUMA AV themed slot games: Queen Bounce Bounce Bounce
    Do you like the popular AV actress, Aika? If yes, then you should not miss this classic slot game! The visuals of the game capture every sexy and seductive pose of Aika. Every image is equipped with a breast-vibration control so that the players can have the most exciting sensory-stimulating experience while playing this game.
  • KUMA AV themed slot games: Detective Jin PingMei
    This is a slot machine game with Jin PingMei as the main theme. The story is about Jin PingMei infiltrates deep into the village to recover the missing night pearl that was stolen from the palace. In this game, Jin PingMei has an inviting look and a sexy body. A pair of long legs, a bouncy booty with a see-through outfit that giving players a feast for their eyes.Jin PingMei will exhibit a series of erotic poses as the game progresses. When you reach the special lottery stage, the gorgeous detective will be trapped in trouble. With her hands tied up, stripped to just her undergarment, she can only wait for the players to rescue her! Besides that, the rewards are exceptionally high for this stage.

The 6 unique features of KUMA slot games provider

Although KUMA slot games provider is relatively new, they became quite a sensation due to their exclusive slot games with AV actresses as their bold themes. They are appealing to more players, it is not hard to see KUMA’s determination when it comes to providing the players with an alternative entertainment experience. So, what makes KUMA so special?

  1. The gaming technology
    By combining 2D and 3D visual effects and technology, they create games that are relevant to the current times and cultures.
  2. The management system
    KUMA has individualistic front and back management systems. Other than developing new systems, the technical team does the maintenance and the integration of the systems as well.
  3. H5 platform support
    The series of H5 slot games by KUMA slot game, support both computer and mobile platform.
  4. Brilliant optimization processing
    They offer high-definition game visuals with small capacity and fast-loading speed, making the game smoother.
  5. K-SMART device
    The exclusive K-SMART core technology can automatically detect the user’s game devices and provide the best display interface.
  6. 24/7 customer service
    The customer service executives are available at all times, ready to provide professional support to the customers in multiple languages and help the customers to solve their problems instantly.
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9KING has partnered with many game developers to create various themed game halls for the players. If you have tried all the games offered on the KUMA slot games platform, we recommend you visit PPAsia online game hall. PPAsia is a slot games hall created by 9KING and Pragmatic Play. Pragmatic Play is formed by a team of professional players that have a deep passion for slot games. Each game is developed based on the point of view of a player as the guidelines, from the operating functions to the icons and sound effect, to create an unforgettable gaming experience for the players.