Live Games Intro: Guide to 3 Card Baccarat ONLINE!

Guide to Online 3 Card Baccarat (ANYWHERE, ANYTIME)

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Known as one of the baccarat playing forms, the 3 Card Baccarat is easily the simplest and fastest online poker game to be played. It is no surprise that it caught the attention of the online world. In its earliest card game form, Baccarat is commonly known as Punto Banco. 3 Card Baccarat may be new, but there are already three different variations of the game online. In 3 Card Baccarat, only the collected points matter. Some ground rules should be highlighted first to get a better understanding of the game.


Game Rules of 3 Card Baccarat

Game Rules of 3 Card Baccarat

At the beginning of the Three Card Baccarat, a deck of 52 cards will be dealt with between a dealer and three players. The members of the game are required to place their bets and are free to choose how they wish to play their bets. The players of the game are required to understand how the value of the cards dealt with is calculated to determine the outcome* and eventually, the winner. 

  1. Cards between the values of 1 (also known as the Ace card) and 9 are accounted for the value it is. For example, card value 7 is counted as 7
  2. Cards that are valued 10, J, Q, and K are accounted for as zero (0).

*The outcome is determined based on the value closes to 9 or totals to the value of 9. 

Placing the Bet & Playing the Probabilities

Placing the Bet & Playing the Probabilities

When placing the bets, players are allowed to call either one of the following bet options – Banker, Player, Tie or Pair Plus (also known as Pair) while the dealer, on the other hand, is only able to call for Pair Plus as the betting option.

Choosing the Banker or Player to make a bet on is to guess which person has the bigger point value from the cards dealt.

Pair Plus or Pair is where the bet is made an assumption that any of the hand played, Banker or Player, has a pair of the same card. For example, the cards have a combination of two card value of 8. This, however, does not apply to card values of 10, J, Q, and K and therefore, is not considered a Pair when the cards are drawn appear to have any combination between 10, J, Q, and K.

For each option provided, a calculation of probability is taken into consideration. When the bet is placed on either the Banker or the Player and either one wins, the probability favors at 1:1. This means that the chances either one side winning is even at 1. The tie has always been advised to be avoided as there is a poor edge on the house when a tie bet is placed. That said, the event that a tie happens is 1 in 8 probabilities. A 3 card bet takes place when the place is bet on the Banker and the hand is dealt with 3 cards, the odds favor at 1:16.

Onto the Next & the Outcome

Onto the Next & the Outcome

Once the bets have been placed, the dealer then moves on to draw the cards. The cards are placed in the sequence where the first card goes to the player and the next card goes to the dealer and it goes on till both sides have three cards on each hand. As mentioned, each player is given 3 cards to be dealt with and all the cards are placed facing upwards. The same goes for the dealer as well.

To determine the outcome, the face cards are totaled together. However, once totaled, the first digit of the total is dropped and only the second digit is taken as the value.

For example, a hand of 7-7-3 totals to 17, the first digit which is 1 is discarded and the value is determined on the second digit which is 7.

Now, that the rules have been laid down. We have also had a glimpse of the probabilities and outcomes. Let’s see how the game plays out. 

It’s the Time to Start the Game!

It's the Time to Start the Game!

Whether it is your first time or the one-hundredth time, if you know the rules, the game is just like a walk in the park. After having placed your bet, the dealer draws out the cards. The cards dealt with from both sides are the following:

Player: 8-7-3 (this totals up to 18, this second digit is taken into consideration)

Dealer: J-Q-7 (this totals up to 7 and is taken as it is)

When compared, both hands come up to a total of 8 and 7, respectively. Therefore, the player wins and is rewarded with the same value of the bet placed, making it double.

Also, take note that the set of cards dealt by the dealer which has J and Q is NOT a pair.

Let’s give the game an added fitting called setting. The setup of an online casino enriches the casino game like none other. With the rise of online game experiences, it is deemed a necessity to have in place live casino game settings to have players and banker interact and have a good game of bets! 

AG Live Game Room: VIP Bacarrat & MiCard Baccarat

9KING Live Casino AG

There are several live game room options to choose from and they are safe to be used. Here, we will be looking at the VIP Baccarat Casino and the AG MiCard Baccarat Casino. These game rooms are a collaboration of 9KING and AG in the goal bringing in the best gaming experience to the players. 

Brief Introduction on VIP Baccarat Casino

Brief Introduction on VIP Baccarat Casino

The VIP Baccarat Casino offers a wide range of options. The setting is as such that the player can choose to use the finesse option which is The Open without bets and can change their Baccarat brand boots after 30 runs. Additionally, the player gets to determine the speed of the game and who gets to be the dealer.

Tell You about AG MiCard Baccarat Casino

Tell You about AG MiCard Baccarat Casino

The added advantage in this live game setting is that the player with the highest bet has the advantage to take a look at the cards.

It is undeniable that the world of casino and gambling has been digitized and it is being enjoyed by many and all levels of players, from the amateurs to the professionals. The accessibility and connectivity that has been gained through online casino platforms have allowed a higher expectation in the experience of online casino game to be registered in the mind of the players. Like all things instant and smooth, the players expect a game that is entertaining, fun and dealt with higher speed. The function of having the dealer interact with the players gives a whole new meaning to the experience in the form of interactivity.

As much as 3 Card Baccarat is easy, simple and highly entertaining, playing the game always requires a lot of luck. Moreover, with each game played, there is no denying that the game would also require some exceptional skills and experience. Keep the rules of the game in mind and never underestimate the consequences of a bet. May the force be with you!

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