Lottery games were founded in the late 15th century during the Roman Empire. Since then, it was introduced in the United States in 1612 and followed by other Asia countries. Since 2008, lottery activities have started to go online. A centralized network is being established to link the customers’ devices and computer terminals to enhance the players’ accessibility. One of the more popular platforms in Asia is called 9KING. 9KING is the largest online casino in Malaysia. It provides thousands of casino games and market-leading games in Malaysia.

9KING is also recognized as the must visit one-stop Online Entertainment platform. A series of games availavle at 9KING store are designed to meet the players’ demand and preferences, ranging from Lottery, live casino, sports, and slots. 9KING provides users with excellent services and a superb online casino experience. Most importantly, 9KING guarantees the safety and privacy of customers.


There are two categories of lottery games in 9KING, 4D and KENO. In most of the Asia countries such as Malaysia and Singapore, the players prefer the 4D lottery game. There are ten thousand combinations of four-digit numbers from 0000 to 9999 which the player can bet on. In general, players can select from ‘Big’ or ‘Small’ bets to increase the gains. The prizes for ‘Big’ bet contains 23 prizes ranging from first prize to consolation prize. Whereas, the ‘Small’ bet will be only be rewarded when a player wins the 1st, 2nd or/and 3rd prize. 9King provides multi-national Lottery games and others such as ToTo, Damacai, Magnum, Sabah 4D, and Singapore 4D. There are also many derivative playing ways to win the 4D Lottery Games. The diversified methods used in the 4D lottery games including Straight bet, iBOX Bet, Reverse Bet, and Roll Bet is to generate more fun and excitement. In contrast, the rules adopted by KENO is different from 4D. 20 numbers in a field of 80 numbers from the number 1 to 80 will be randomly chosen as the lottery number. There are 5 different game methods based on the chosen 20 numbers, which are Big & Small, Gold Wood Water Fire Earth, B/O & S/O, Up & Tie, and Odd & Even. The bonus will be rewarded depending on the total of correctly matched numbers and chosen gameplay.

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3D, 4D, 5D, 6D and other betting types, 7 lottery companies in one place to satisfy your needs!


Bio-metric Authentication to enhance security wall
Thumbprint bio-metrics and facial recognition have been adopted to protect the player’s data and highly secured information. It has been successfully prohibited unauthorized access by hackers who tend to steal customer’s data.

Ease of Deposits and Withdrawals
Players are allowed to deposit and withdrawal via different channels, including ATM, Online Banking, iCARD and E-Wallet. Hence, the transactions can be done in the safest, fastest and most reliable way, whereby minimize the gaming interferences.

Internal Wallet Transfer
Players are allowed to transfer credit within the dedicated platforms with no troublesome process. With the centralized system, it enables players to access multiple gaming platforms easily.

Integrated Gaming Platform
There are continuously increasing in the number of games through the integration with other others quality gaming companies. It becomes the most diversified games store and improves the player’s satisfaction.

Fast and Convenience
The players can simply place their bets by using a mobile device or desktop computer instead of visiting the physical lottery shop.


Besides the excitement from Lottery, 9KING has launched a wide range of live online casino games. For example, live blackjack, live baccarat, live roulette, and others, which are derived from popular poker and table games. The demand for the online casino was in the increasing trend with the rapid development of the internet network. 9KING partnered with few online casino companies to capture more market shares, such as Asia Gaming (AG), Playtech (PT), HOGaming (HG) and Allbet. Each casino game room has its respective own unique features and games. For instance, PT Live Game Room offers the exclusive ‘live unlimited blackjack’ and AG Live Game Room has the unique ‘live MiCard baccarat’. Moreover, each game room has its design and unique atmosphere. For example, PT Live Game Room is being designed in rich color and the games are sorted by the nature of games. Also, the casino game room has imposed restrictions on the table limit to ensure the players are well-served.