Malaysia’s Famous Online Slot Game: MEGA888

MEGA888 is a fairly new gaming platform provider. Since launching in 2018, MEGA888 has quickly become one of the players’ favorite online casinos. They are very popular in Malaysia and Singapore due to their rich variety of themes and high odds. MEGA888 has more than a hundred different types of online slot games. There is one to satisfy each player as the slot games in MEGA888 have different unique themes and layouts. Other than that, MEGA888 provides free trials too. After registering as a member, players get free trails on many selected games, so that they can find the games that they like and start betting with real money. If you want to win big in slot games, MEGA888 is your best choice!

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The 11 Specialties of MEGA888 Slot Entertainment Platform Provider

The secret behind the quick success of MEGA888 is the skillful team of professionals who built and support the platform. MEGA888 team is determine to create a secure and high quality entertainment environment for the players. What else are there? Let’s read on and find out!

  1. Simple and user-friendly game interface.
  2. Slot games are developed following the players’ preferences.
  3. Lively gaming visuals complemented with energetic background music.
  4. Exclusive arcade game category.
  5. Supports the Android and iOS systems.
  6. High odds which yields high rewards.
  7. Stable and convenient betting system.
  8. High jackpot accumulation.
  9. There is a beginner’s guide to help the players to familiarized with the games.
  10. Free trials for the players to get acquitted with the games before betting with real money.
  11. Secured and effortless automatic deposit and withdrawal systems.


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Learn More About MEGA888 Slots Game

Other than the hottest slot games, MEGA888 slot games provider offers table games, digitalizing the classic casino table games. The signature feature of MEGA888 is their arcade games. Although simple, the types of games offered on MEGA888 are certainly not sloppy. They are rich in variety, surely can please the players from many aspects and thus bringing an unforgettable gaming experience.

  • Table Games
    MEGA888 offers more choices for players who like table games. Other than live casino games, the players can play other table games such as Baccarat, Roulette, Dragon Tiger, and many more.
  • Slot Games
    There are many different types of slot games with different themes and color schemes. The players can choose the games according to their preferences.
  • Arcade Games
    ‘Monkey Thunderbolt’ is one of the most well-loved arcade games created by MEGA888.

3 Players’ Favorite MEGA888 Slot Games

Mega888 has more than a hundred slot games. There are many slot games launched so far, and all of them are very popular after their launch. Because of this, they quickly rose to fame and became one of the most welcomed slot game platform in Malaysia. Below are the three of the most famous slot games that all the players love.

  • Great Blue
    Great Blue is a slot game with 5 reels and 25 paylines. It is a well-known slot game in MEGA888.
  • Dolphin Reef
    Dolphin Reef has 5 reels and 20 paylines. It is the most popular type of slot game online, its style is inspired by the ocean and the marine lives.
  • Sun WuKong
    This slot game has 5 reels and 15 paylines. It is inspired by the famous Chinese classic novel “Journey to the West”.

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Other than some well-known classic game halls, Malaysia’s online entertainment city, 9KING is continuously searching for new game developers to collaborate with. This time, 9KING joined forces with MEGA888. The slot games on MEGA888 are extremely user-friendly. The high jackpot accumulation and odds are the attracting parts of MEGA888, which is why they could gain so much love and support from the players in such a short time. Are you tempted to try it out? Just go the 9KING slot game lobby and enter into the MEGA888 slot game hall for free trails and challenge the popular and exciting slot games there!

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