Malaysia’s Hottest Online Entertainment Platform: Microgaming (MG)

Microgaming (MG) was founded in the Isle of Man back in 1994 and has continued to support other profitable gaming platforms since. On top of 850 categories of casino games to choose from, there are also a variety of classic slot machine games, online poker, bingo and all sorts of other games imaginable that will keep players engrossed in and play over and over again. That aside, MG is committed to creating and developing games that are compatible with all types of mobile devices and operating systems, so players can play their favourites without being restricted by time and place and can enjoy the thrills of playing MG Games anytime at anywhere. With their continuous effort in producing high-quality and new-themed games every so often and achieving the target of 4 new-game releases every month, they have garnered immense love and support from fellow players.
More in-demand slot machine games and exclusive high-bonus accumulation, only available in MG online game hall.

Enjoy Multiple Online Games in MG Online Gaming Site

  • Online Table Games
    Players can expect online table games like Roulette, Baccarat, Texas Hold ‘em and more. They can decide the number of betting chips they wish to place too. If you are a fan of table games, you cannot miss this!
  • Other Online Table Games
    MG Online Game Hall provides other online games such as Bingo, KENO and many other exciting ones. No matter what game you pick, you are sure to get a satisfying gaming experience with MG Online Game Hall.
  • Progressive Slot Machine
    Essentially, Progressive slot machine games let players stand a chance at winning Jackpot. The digits shown on the counter above the reels are the amount of Jackpot that is currently up for grabs.
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Online Entertainment Hub with over 600 types of pokers, bingos, and sports betting games

Have You Played the Most Famous Games on MG Online Entertainment City?

  • MG Popular Game: Immortal Romance
    Immortal Romance is an original slot machine game developed by MG. It’s got a gripping storyline which makes the gaming experience very immersive as you play. Short video stories about Immortal Romance are shown occasionally in the opening of the game and it is part of the reason why players can never get enough of it.
    Explore the mysterious world of Immortal Romance now!
  • MG Popular Game: Thunderstruck
    Hunderstruck is a slot game with a theme based on the Nordic myths. Thor is a Nordic God of Thunder and Power, and he is a protector of the mortals. Legend has it, it is when Thor comes out to patrol in a chariot pulled by two goats, the thunderstorm hits. The roar of thunder is caused by the feet of the goats and the blows of Thor’s hammer. Join Thor along his adventure to fight against enemies and win the battle on this slot game!
  • MG popular game: Avalon
    Avalon uses the chronicles of King Arthur as its theme for the slot game. Avalon is an important island in Arthurian legend, and it is the heart for the preaching of ancient religion. Avalon symbolizes the afterlife and the mysterious paradise found in that world, which is guarded by nine magical fairies. This slot game will surely keep you on your toe and excited to unfold what’s next!
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The Unique Features of MG Online Game Hall Impossible to Ignore

Are you curious to find out what makes MG everybody’s favourite online game provider? In becoming the tip-top online entertainment provider, MG has produced a diverse set of online slot machines, up to 19 types of bonus-accumulation and many other online games. To top it off, the refined graphics and lighting effects make the games that much more appealing for the players. The games run seamlessly and are easy to pick up too. Let us tell you how MG achieved overnight success!

  • Has produced notable representative works such as Avalon, Thunderstruck and Immortal Romance. 
  • Uses Quickfire software that guarantees a smooth gaming operation. 
  • Produced copyrighted adaptation of classic slot machine games like Terminator: Dark Fate 2, Flower Prince, and Jurassic Park. 
  • Exclusive high-value bonus accumulation slot games. 
  • World’s largest poker and award-winning network – Microgaming Poker Network (MPN).
  • The first organization to launch the initiatives that allow games to be played on smart watches, introducing to the market “wearable games” and trendsetting.

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9KING collaborates with Asia Gaming to create the most epic and thrilling slot games for MG Online Game Hall. In addition to experiencing the highest quality games and services, you are also in the run to winning a jackpot with the activities you play in the game hall. Hurry, head over to 9KING Video Game Hall and choose MG Online Game Hall!

Asia Gaming Brings You a Perfect and Brand-New Slot Game Experience

9KING believes in the spirit of continuous innovation and a thriving modus operandi. During its operation, it also pursues the highest quality of service for its players. We would like to introduce to you another in-demand online entertainment provider who collaborates with 9KING: Asia Gaming (AG). AG provides more than 100 types of online games, inclusive of slot games, table games, and video poker games.
Asia Gaming uses an HTML5 gaming platform and AG App. With these, not only can you play the games on desktops, but you can also play it on other devices such as a tablet or mobile phone. It is also one of highly commended and adored by many online game providers. We look forward to having you experience it yourself!