ALLBET – Malaysia’s Hottest Live Online Entertainment City Platform

Founded in 2014, ALLBET is one of Asia’s newly established online betting platform. It vows to maintain pre-eminence throughout its course of business.

ALLBET was created by a team of betting professionals. Combining their extensive expertise in product development with the latest technology, they have successfully introduce an online platform that places live baccarat games as its centre of attention.

Besides, ALLBET also takes serious precautions to make sure its betting platform is safe so that bettors can play with an ease of mind in a fair and pleasant environment. 

ALLBET Original Game – Air Fighter

ALLBET prides itself in having some of the most realistic live games in the industry. Other than its current in-demand live games, ALLBET has also released air combat themed, probability-based air shooting game called Air Fighter, to accommodate the many interests of its players. Air Fighter particularly includes the actual specifics and information of more than 100 aircraft and their history from World War 1 to the present day into the game.

JACKPOT Cumulative Prize 

If a player shoots down a BOSS fighter jet, 4 treasure boxes will drop down. Inside the treasure box, there will be Additional Points and a JACKPOT grand prize for the player to score. 

Most diverse and immersive game scenes

There are 6 types of air combat themes, each with differently designed probability ratings, scenarios, and portrays a variety of fighter jets to let players dive right into mood and experience a realistic simulation.  

• Wide range of weapons to select from 

Air Fighter has a total of 5 kinds of air canons for players to choose from. Air canons with better upgrades have a higher chance of taking down a fighter jet.  

• Easy to play, Lock target, Accurate shot

If a player doesn’t hit any target amid a game, the weapon selected will continue to fire shots anyway until all targets are shot down. Alternatively, players can choose the exclusive Automatic Lock-On-Target function, which attacks at the targeted fighter jets non-stop. There are various settings a player can meddle with so they can enjoy the game however they prefer. 

• Most reliable 

Air Fighter has an RTP of 96.5% and goes through a third-party verification organization to promise players a dependable gaming platform. 


ALLBET Top 3 Live Entertainment Provider Perks

Are you curious to find out how ALLBET Live Dealer Online Platform soared to fame immediately after its launch? Below are 3 reasons that explain how ALLBET stands out from the industry!

(1) Pioneer of exclusive multi-play function

Players can observe up to 12 scorecards, and have the option to display any 4, 8, 16, or 32 tables on the screen, have access to VIP table package, a 6-card-dealing distribution system, BidMe Baccarat and more.

(2) The platform has received the Highest International Recognition

ALLBET’s business operation has been approved by PAGCOR (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation), the only gambling licensing and regulatory unit recognized by the Philippine government. Their live studios and platform systems have been certified by GLI, a third-party testing agency, thus attaining the highest international standard of Isle of Man, granted by the British. ALLBET is undoubtedly a reliable and trustworthy international entertainment group.

(3) Has a popular game as representative work – Air Fighter

ALLBET directs its business to constant innovation and surpassing. In recent years, ALLBET has observed the market development and mobile online gaming trends, while simultaneously worked on breaking through its career map, expanding its operation to include VIP electronic bidding lounges. In the year 2017, ALLBET produced one of its representative works with the release of a probability shooting game, “Air Fighter”. 

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Pengendali permainan yang cemerlang dengan kesan permainan yang penuh khayalan di platform yang mewah!

ALLBET Provides the Most Variety of Live Games

Not only does ALLBET provide players with classic and famous live games, but it is also equipped with 4 exclusive Game Halls which are Dragon Hall, Multi-play Hall, VIP Hall, and BidMe Hall. Players can pick any game hall which comes with distinctive features and functions. These games halls are designed to make players feel as if they are in a real casino. 

*ALLBET Live Game Type – Roulette

ALLBET Live Roulette takes place in real-time and is very realistic. As the professional live dealer facilitates the game and uses her tricks and skills to throw and play ball on the side of the spinning wheel, this live quick rotating Roulette game is bound to let players play with ultimate thrill and excitement. 

*ALLBET Live Game Type – Baccarat

ALLBET offers plenty of ways for players to enjoy live baccarat, such as multiple tables, no-commission table, BidMe table, Exclusive Table and more. ALLBET also includes the 6-card-dealing distribution method in their games. Come and experience it yourself!

*ALLBET Live Game Type – Bull Bull

ALLBET uses a high-tech and intelligent-recognition card to ensure that the games operate smoothly, so players can enjoy the games at maximum pleasure.

*ALLBET Live Game Type – Dragon Tiger

Dragon tiger is a poker game that adapts its concept from Baccarat. The gameplay is similar to a usual Poker, except a player should be scoring points, not suits or patterns. The winning of a game is determined by the number of points in a player’s card deck. Dragon Tiger is very welcomed among players because of its simple gameplay and rules.


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9KING is constantly on a lookout to collaborate with like-minded game providers to fulfil the players’ never-ending enthusiasm in live games. And that is why they have explicitly collaborated with a platform that has in store a variety of live games – ALLBET Live Casino Provider, to launch ALLBET Live Casino Game Hall!

ALLBET Live Casino Game Hall provides a broad of entertaining betting games, that come with high-definition and realistic graphics that will make players feel as if they are in a real casino! Quick, join 9KING now and experience the realistic ALLBET Live Casino Games!

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