Introduction of Online Slot Games Provider, Asia Gaming (AG)

Asia Gaming (AG) was founded in 2012. With a team of creative minds, they have successfully developed numerous never-before-seen gaming experiences in a short time. In just a few years, they have become the essential collaboration partner of many online book markers. Other than providing new live-dealer games, they are also cooperating exclusively with XIN Gaming to develop various kinds of slot games with different exciting themes. Besides that, they are developing a new series of AG sports game products to make the entertainment platform more comprehensive and attractive for the Asian players.

Unique and Innovative Features of AG Slots Game

XIN Gaming is Asia Gaming’s exclusive slot games supplier. They have a team of professionals managing and developing new slot games at the same time. They have more than 100 types of games, including slot games, table games, and live poker games. XIN Gaming presents the best and most varied slot games for the slot games lovers. The newly founded Asia Gaming became a unique entertainment group in the Asian betting industry all thanks to their skillful and creative AG team. AG team has been adhering to the concept of “Extraordinary Enjoyment”. Under constant researches and innovations, they seek to bring nothing but only the best enjoyment for the players.

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The most unique slot games on ASIA GAMING (AG)

  • Jurassic Slot
    AG brought the famous Jurassic Park franchise over to slot games! The theme of the slot game is Jurassic with multiple dinosaurs as the representative icons, it can satisfy all the dino-maniacs. The most special feature in the game is that the warning mode could be triggered randomly. Once triggered, 6 free spins will be given. On the third spin, a Tyrannosaurus will stack through the entire shaft, giving the players a higher probability of winning a higher bonus.
  • Fruit Slot
    The Fruit Slot is a classic slot game and is very commonly seen in arcade game hall. This game has 24 small squares spliced into a bigger square, with different icons in each small squares. First, the players have to select the icon that they wish to bet on. After they have confirmed their bets, the light beside the small squares will start to rotate. The players win when the light stops at the icon that the players are betting on. This is a simple and fun slot game that everyone will enjoy.
  • Shanghai Bund
    AG’s Shanghai Bund is a slot game with 1,024 paylines. As you enter the game, the thick retro atmosphere can be easily felt especially when it is accompanied by music from the 80s. The players will feel like they are rewinding in time as they are playing this slot game.
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2 Hottest AG Games That You MUST NOT Miss!

  • Sexy Maid
    You must not miss out on this “Sexy Maid” slot game, starring the famous Japanese AV actresses Nozomi Aso, Ayumi Yoshizawa, and Kyoka Julia. This slot game exercises real human design and presents it in the faces of sexy maids, the cross-dimensional cosplay costume can surely excite all your senses.
  • Fish Hunter King
    Fish hunting game is one of the many games that the players are very passionate about. You can play “Fish Hunter King” here on AG slot games. It is adapted from the classic fish hunting game. It retains the conventional fish hunting element while increasing the chances of surprising big bonuses appearing. This game is very user-friendly, you will love it as soon as you started playing it!

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