918Kiss Free Credit in Malaysia

Not a 918Kiss online casino member yet? Then you are missing out on receiving benefits that will help you win big money!

918Kiss always rewards its player, new or current, with a variety of offers because, like how an accountable online casino in Malaysia should be, we have good faith. Other than giving their players the best online games such as online slots, 918Kiss also wishes for their players to end the day with deeper pockets.

One of the offers you can get from 918Kiss is the free credit.

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Get “Free Money” and win real money without having to touch a cent in your bankroll

Frequent online casino players will know the goods free credits 918Kiss bring, but if you are new to the gambling scene, here is how the free credits work:

918Kiss will reward you with free money (free credits), so you can play any online games available in the platform, without having to make a deposit in advance and still be able to win unlimited real money.

For instance, with the free credits no deposit offer, you can play exciting slots games in 918Kiss like Gong Xi Fa Cai, Reels of Fortune, or Cleopatra for free, without needing to deposit any money in advance. If luck is on your side and you strike a few valuable symbols that lead to your winning, you can claim the payout by the end of the slot game.

In addition to that, free credits are beneficial for new players because they get to experiment with and learn more about a specific game they wish to try out to further decide whether they enjoy it or not. New players might start their online gambling journey with a smaller fund, and free credit can help incredibly. On top of free credits, new sign-ups can receive other perks like a welcome bonus.

Players are encouraged to gamble online via online gaming platforms like 918Kiss because they get to enjoy more benefits. For example, as soon as you enter a brick and mortar casino, you are required to pay a certain amount of fee already. If you wish to play a game, there is no such thing as a free credit that allows you to try the game out for free.

When you are in a brick and mortar casino, you must pay for each game you play, and if you lose, you don’t get compensated, unless the casino is running a promotion, which only happens occasionally.

Playing at a physical casino can be expensive, not to forget the time it takes and the costs involved to travel to one. Without benefits like free credits, your payout might not even be sufficient to cover the expenditure, unless you strike a big win!

With the 918Kiss free credit, you can keep your bankroll at an optimum balance. Plus, you can find comfort in knowing that you are not paying for an online casino game that you happen to dislike; although, it is not likely if you sign you as a member to a platform like 918Kiss online casino Malaysia.  

The 918Kiss free credit is available once every day. That means you can expand your chances of winning and getting a rewarding payout daily. The light you see at the end of the tunnel is the light from the glitz and glam of your soon-to-come new life with deep pockets!

How to claim your 918Kiss free credit

Claiming your 918Kiss free credit is simple. All you need to do is head over to the official website of 918Kiss and speak to the helpful and responsive customer service with the in-site chat feature.

On top of that, you can also claim the 918Kiss free credit via Telegram, the messaging, and voice over application. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Download the Telegram app.

Step 2: Follow the 918Kiss Tips and 9KING Telegram channels.

Step 3: Join the 918Kiss Telegram chat group.

Once you have completed the three steps above, the 918Kiss customer service will get in touch with you and reward you with the free credit.

If you encounter any issues while claiming your free credit via Telegram, you can always get in touch with our customer service rep because they are available day and night.


Refer a friend (or more) to join 918Kiss online casino Malaysia and receive more free credit

Do you have friends that are daydreaming about becoming rich all the time? Get them to join 918Kiss online casino Malaysia!

When you refer a friend to 918Kiss, not only do they get the chance to become an overnight millionaire, but you can benefit from it too because 918Kiss will reward you with free bonuses. Other than rewarding new joiners and loyal players, 918Kiss also rewards players that share the passion for online gaming to other passionate bettors.

The more friends you refer to 918Kiss, the more free bonuses you will receive. To get started with this referral program, you will need to send a link to your list of friends. This link contains information about 918Kiss, on how to sign up, and more.

The link will be given to you by the 918Kiss customer service or agent. To learn more about this referral program or how the free credit will be credited to you, you can get in touch with the 918Kiss customer service.

You also get free credits when you play the games (slots) often. 918Kiss is a fair online gaming platform that makes sure all players that join have a fair and equal chance of striking a win and bagging home the cash. So, to make sure 918Kiss upholds this, we will reward regular players with free credits so they can take their shot and become closer to winning great money.

Check out so you don’t miss out

918Kiss always puts up new offers on its website from time to time for the players. To make sure you don’t miss out on any that will help you with your game, be sure to check out the 918Kiss website!

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How to download 918Kiss and play for free with test ID

The benefits you can receive from joining an online casino is only the tip of the iceberg. With an online casino, you can also bring entertainment with you anywhere you go and have access to it anytime.

918Kiss online casino platform is available on iOS and Android operating systems. To have 24//7 fun, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open the web browser on your mobile phone and type m.918kiss.com on the search bar. 

Step 2: On the display page, click on the [iOS] button if you are using an iPhone. If you are using an Android phone, click on the [Android] button.

Step 3: A pop-up will appear. Click on the [Install] button. The 918Kiss mobile application will be downloaded onto your mobile and appear on your menu page.

Step 4: A pop-up will appear. Click on the [Cancel] button.

Step 5: On your mobile, go to Settings and click on General.

Step 6: Click on Device Management, and then All Continental Trading Sdn Bhd.

Step 7: A pop-up will appear. Click on the [Trust] button.

When downloading for iOS, you can choose either to download for 64bit or 32bit.

And there you have it! With seven steps, you can play online betting games anytime. No matter where you are, you have the chance to strike the jackpot and change your life overnight.

The steps above show the download process for iOS. The download process will be the same for Android users. If you encounter any problems when downloading the 918Kiss application, you can get in touch with our customer service rep, and they will assist you in every step of the way.

How to play for free with a test ID:

To add to your pleasure, you can register on 918Kiss and play the games with a free account (test ID). Once the 918Kiss app finishes installing, open the app. When you need to key in your user ID and password, use the information below:

User ID: test1000 – test 10000

Password: 1234

The digits on the user ID can be anything from 1000 to 10000. For example: test1010 or test9999. This is to prevent members from not being able to sign in with the test ID because only one user ID is allowed at once.

When you sign in with our test ID, your account will automatically receive 2000 free credits.

When you have used up all of the free credits, you can sign up with another test ID and play again for free. A test ID is a convenient way to enjoy all that 918Kiss has to offer without any real money.

Mega888 is another great online platform that you can visit

Other than 918Kiss, Mega888 is also another hottest free credit gaming platform in Malaysia that you can join as a member.

Mega888 is available on iOS and Android devices. The mobile app is optimized so players can enjoy a seamless gaming experience.

You can use the Mega888 free credit to play any games of your preference. Alternatively, you can also use the Mega888 test ID to try out the games for free.


Sign up today to start playing for free

918Kiss and Mega888 are partners with 9KING online casino. Which means you can access to 918Kiss and Mega888 through 9KING as well.

918Kiss is one of the most popular online slots platform in Malaysia and other neighboring countries like Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, and Indonesia. We are confident you won’t regret downloading 918Kiss and signing up as a member.

9KING will be posting new 918Kiss offers and promotions from time to time. Be sure to keep an eye out on 9KING online casino to get your hands on these remunerative perks!

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