Top Winning Tips for Online Sports Betting

Top Winning Tips for Online Sports Betting

Online sports betting is a leisure activity where a person predicts and places a bet on the results/outcome of a sports game. Known for being passionate and obsessive on the local and international football scenes, Malaysians are not excluded from the craze of betting on their favorite teams and players during the league seasons. Based on a recent study by a reliable Malaysia Sportsbook, an astounding amount of RM 4million is wagered annually on online sports. Needless to say, 90% of that total is placed on football.

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Online Sports Betting is More Than Meets The Eye

As straightforward as selecting a team and placing a wager on it, online sports betting requires plenty of researching and studying of the game, the team, and its players. With so many football betting tips available, punters can equip themselves with key statistics and analysis of their favourite teams. These statistics track the performances of each player throughout the football season. Overtime, punters will learn to see a familiar pattern and start wagering on matches that they stand a chance to win.
Most of the time, punters will create several accounts on different football bookies to increase their chances of winning more bonuses. Easy access to mobile betting applications, the rewarding return of investments, safe sports betting sites, and our very own feeling of excitement when placing a bet are some of the factors the online sports betting scene in Malaysia is steadily receiving its soaring popularity.

Football Betting, As Some Recognize it As Soccer Betting

Watching a football match in the comfort of one’s home (or couch) can bring fans as much suspense and excitement as watching it live on big stadiums with a roaring crowd. It allows punters to get together and toss around soccer betting tips before placing a soccer bet. The English Premier League, for instance, is one of the most spectated and anticipated football leagues by Malaysians. There are various soccer betting methods. Some of the most popular soccer betting methods punters opt for are the Point Spreads and Totals.

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Getting To Know Your Soccer Bet

Point Spreads and Totals are designed in such a way that a punter will have a 50% chance of winning. These types of soccer bet should garner punters a “fair” return that is on-par with the amount wagered. However, the bets are usually priced up by football bookies at the odds of -110. Simply put, for every bet of RM 110, there is a chance at winning RM 100.

  • Point Spread
    Point spread is a handicap that is used to create a 50/50 betting proposition. For example,
    Manchester United -3.5
    Tottenham +3.5
    This point spread indicates that Manchester United will have 3.5 points deducted from their final score. Therefore, to have a successful wager on them, Manchester United will have to win by 4 points or more. On the other hand, Tottenham will have a 3.5 point added to their final score. A bet on Tottenham is only successful if they win the game or loses by 3 points or less.
  • Totals
    With Totals, a football bookie will post an expected total of points scored by both teams. Using our previous example, a bookie can set the total at 48.50 for Manchester and Tottenham. Punters will then have to decide whether to place a wage exceeding or below the totals. Punters that place a wager on exceeding totals can only win if the combined score from Manchester United and Tottenham is 49 or over, while punters placing a wager on below totals will win if the combined score from the two teams is 48 or less. On top of Totals and Point Spread, there are other common soccer bets that punters put their wagers on such as the Moneylines, Props, and Futures.
  • Moneylines
    A Moneyline bet is straightforward. Its winning is based on each team’s relative chance of winning a match. Moneylines simply mean backing a team to win a game.
  • Props
    Props, also known as propositions, are considered the laid-back type of soccer betting. Props are bets on the outcome that are decided during a soccer match and not affected by the final results. For instance, the number of goals scored or the first team to score a goal. Football bookies offer a variety of outcomes to bet on, especially on high profile matches.
  • Futures
    Futures are bets made on how a team or its players will fare throughout a whole season. Placing a bet on Manchester United to qualify for the Champions League or Lionel Messi to win the Ballon d’Or at the beginning of the season is considered a Futures bet. Futures are not affected by the match score.
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Making The Most out of Your Soccer Bets

One of the pluses of online sports betting is that punters are pampered with unlimited choices. There are plenty of betting sites that allow Malaysians to shop around as they offer different welcome bonuses, promotions, and deals. Punters can take time to scout for and make a comparison between sites that offers the best deals. With so many options to choose from, the risk of becoming too heavily invested in soccer betting naturally entails. You are put in a mindset of either compensating for loses or chasing the wins with bigger bets. Therefore, it is important to be aware of how you play. Take time to research and understand the teams/games you are investing in. Utilize resources from general sports media such as stats websites, fan blogs, and sports betting forums to decide how a game or a match will pan out. In addition to that, don’t overspend. When setting a betting budget, it is a matter of how much you want to spend VS how much you can. So, think of the worst-case scenario! The betting amount should depend on how much you can afford to lose in a bet.

Furthermore, never bet on tilt. Tilting is a term used when you allow your emotions to take over when placing a bet. If you are upset after losing a few soccer bets, tilting will likely result in you making bad and hasty sports betting picks. Besides that, never bet when you are under the influence of alcohol. It may sound like something that everyone should have known to avoid, but most punters bet while consuming alcoholic beverages. Alcohol will affect their decision-making abilities and can lead them to make bets that they are not conscious of. Practicing these soccer betting tips will help you to become a winning bettor and rake in good money from your soccer bet.


Selecting A Suitable Sportsbook for Sports Betting in Malaysia

As mentioned before, to maximize the return of your investment in sports betting, shop around and find which sportsbook offers the best lines. Many punters make the mistake of having only one sportsbook to wager with. Bookies tend to set the odds however they deem fit, which means some sportsbooks will have better odds than the other. When selecting a sportsbook, remember to look at some of the criteria such as their bonus rewards for new sign-ups, payment methods, customer support, and compatibility with mobile gadgets. Pay attention while selecting a sportsbook and you will be able to find a sportsbook that fit your sports betting style best! There are a few sportsbooks available in Malaysia, some of which cater specifically to soccer bet. Depending on which online betting site you visit, each sportsbook tends to offer different perks to its punters in the hopes of attracting them to create an account. Punters will likely come across advantages such as new sign-up bonuses, greater odds pay out, multiple currencies usage, diverse deposit options, real-money wagering, in-play betting, flexible money transfer option, acceptance of MYR currency, and others.

Slow and Steady Wins The Bet

Should you follow soccer closely, understand its basics, and have some fair idea about all the players’ and teams’ competence, then you should make an adequate soccer punter. But, if you wish to make regular profits out of soccer bet, it is advisable to learn more in-depth about statistics that are relevant to the team you are betting on and take into consideration factors that can affect the performance of a match such as team schedules, current forms, passing accuracy, injury reports, and weather forecasts. Similarly, try to learn the fundamentals about soccer bet and the different features each Malaysia Sportsbook has to offer. Take Maxbet for example. Maxbet is regarded as one of the best online sportsbooks in Asia as it offers a variety of licensed products and services to its punters. Having an effective and adept operation team, Maxbet promises a safe, secure, and fair gaming experience. To learn about online sports betting is a perpetual effort. Ultimately, the best way to learn is to gain experience along the way. In no time, you will be more attentive when making decisions, able to make more accurate predictions, and more effective in implementing different strategies when betting.

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