A Necessary Condition for Winning Sports Betting

Necessary Condition For Winning Sports Betting

Football has a different name in different parts of the world. The name ‘Football’ is commonly used in England, whereas, ‘soccer’ is used in regions like America and Canada. Football is a sport played by two teams of eleven players. The players have to kick and pass the ball around to score into the opposite goal. It is an ancient game that dates back to 280 AD. Football is one of the very well-loved sports in the world.
Everyone loves watching football. The football scene in Malaysia is quite prominent. Malaysians are actively involving themselves in playing football, attending to football matches and supporting their favorite teams. When the football season arrives, the football craze starts to rage. Every night, football fans will gather at the nearest Mamak stall they can find and watch the football matches together. They would cheer every time their favorite team scores the goal. These loud cheers would tear across the usually gloomy night air. For some football fans, they would utilize their football knowledge to bet on the matches for some extra cash. Soccer bet is a common scene in the world of football as people often look for the best odds from various sportsbooks to bet on. Sports betting in Malaysia is becoming more popular and a lot of people have started soccer betting. Why do people spend a considerable amount of money betting on sports?

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Why Do People Bet On Soccer?

  • Football Season is All Year Round.
    Football matches are being scheduled very frequently. Different football leagues are playing throughout the year. Bettors do not have to wait for long before they can place another football bet. For instance, the European League normally starts in August and usually ends in late April or May and sometimes dragged to June. There are about 3 months of offseason for the European League. Even so, some other football league will fill in the gap and entertain the die-hard football fans. Football matches are usually played in all kinds of weather. Football matches can only be played when the condition of the pitch is safe for the players to play and the visibility during the game has to be sufficient. The weather should be just right so that the players and the fans do not need to wear bulky clothes to keep warm. Football matches will not be played during extreme conditions like heavy snow or in the events of the field being destroyed.
  • The Growth Of Sports Betting.
    Sports betting has been around for a long time and it could date back to 2,000 years ago. Back then, the Greeks were already betting on some Olympics games. In specific, the Romans were betting on the gladiators when it was legalized during that time. Later, when it was forbidden by the laws, sports betting went underground and it survived until this day. In the older days, football bettors have to place their bets through a football bookie, in black and white. With more and more things going digital following the advancement of technology, sports betting is slowly transitioning too. In 1996, the first online sportsbook was established, and that marked the beginning of the modern era of sports betting. More online sportsbooks are set up after the digitalization of sports betting and it has contributed towards the epic growth of online football betting. All the football bets can now be done online within the bettors’ homes. They do not have to travel anywhere and the betting time is highly flexible. Some online football bookies allow the bettors to place last minute bets which make football bets extremely convenient.
  • The Thrill Of Football Betting.
    Football betting gives a different kind of thrill that makes people want it more. Sure, watching a football match is exciting enough, but for some people, they seek for the specific kind of thrill from football betting. The football matches get more exciting when the bettor’s predictions seem to slowly come true. Football betting gives the bettors a sense of participation. If the team that they bet on wins, it also means that they win too. For some bettors, betting on football is their way of showcasing their knowledge of football. To some, it is a way of boosting their inner football fanatic ego. Just being able to name all the teams and the league winners is not enough, they want to show that they are capable of successfully predicting the match’s outcome by using their knowledge.

Types Of Soccer Bets

There are tons of varying soccer bets out there for you to bet on depending on your preferences and the odds. Higher risk bets have better payouts while lower-risk bets are generally safer. Most sports bet platforms offer various types of soccer bets. These are the more commonly seen bets that most bettors bet on.

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  • Money Line
    This is the most common type of bet. The bettors will choose from one of these three outcomes to bet on: home wins, away wins, or draw. The bettors will win when the outcome that they have predicted comes true. Because of its simplicity, most bettors go with this type of soccer bet.
  • Draw no Bet
    This bet is very similar to the Money Line. The difference is that the draw option is not available in this bet. The bettors can only bet on the victory of either team. When a draw happens at the end of the match, the bettors get a refund because there is no bet. This bet has lower risk as compared to the other bets as the choices are quite limited.
  • Half-time / Half-time & Full-time
    This soccer bet is very similar to the Money Line bet, except, for Half-time bet, the bettors only need to predict the results for the first half of the game. While, for Half-time & Full-time bet, the bettors need to be able to successfully predict the outcomes for both the half-time and when the match ends.
  • First / Final Goalscorer
    This is rather a straightforward bet. For First Goalscorer, the bettors have to predict who will be the first player to score in the match. The player can be from either team. As for Final Goalscorer, it is simply a bet on who is the last player to score before the match ends. The sportsbook will provide odds for every player that is taking part in the match. It has a wide range of options for the bettors to choose from, therefore the chances are not as promising as the other bets.
  • Over / Under
    This is a bet where the bettors have to bet on the number of goals scored, whether it is over the number predicted or under the number predicted. For example, a football bookie has issued an odds of 3.5. If a bettor bets on Over, they will win if the total goals scored by two teams are 4 or more. If a bettor bets on Under, they will win if the total goals scored is 3 or lesser.
  • Correct Score
    This is a tougher bet to win when compared to the other soccer bets. To win, the bettors have to guess the final scores of both the teams accurately. If they get one of the scores wrong, they do not win the bet. Normally, the bookies will provide some options for the bettors to choose from. The high risks of the bet guarantee a high return.
  • Accumulators
    This is the bet with the highest risks. Some bettors like to live dangerously by betting on bets with much higher stakes. An Accumulator bet is a bet combined with several selections wagered as one. As an example, several matches might be going at the same time, and some bettors might want to bet on the matches altogether. Bettors combine the several selections into one wager, in order to multiply the odds and maximize the payout. However, the bettor has to win all the selections to claim the payout. They will lose the bet if one of the selections did not win.

Some Betting Tips For The Football Betting Dummies

One of the deadliest mistakes that people make while football betting is they did not prepare for it. Sports betting is a game of luck, but it requires some skills too. These betting tips are some of the basics that you should know if you are still very new to sports betting.

  • Have Some Knowledge About Sports Betting.
    The first thing that you need to know about football betting is the odds. Odds are the percentage of money that you can gain back if your bet is won. Generally, bets with a higher risk yield a higher odds. They might pay really well, but it is relatively harder to win. Other than betting odds, you should also do some extensive research on the teams and leagues. Get to know your players well, get a grip on their statistics and capabilities. Pay attention and follow up on the current football news, get inside of the industry and learn about the line of business. Basically everything about football.   
  • Always Draw Out a Budget For Yourself
    This applies to whatever you do that involves money, but in this case, it is football betting. As a responsible bettor, you should always plan your budget wisely. Allocate an amount of money for Sportsbet and do not, for the love of God, spend more than the allocated amount. One of the common errors that the bettors make is that they think they could recover the lost money by betting more. It almost never works. If it always does, everyone can just get into sports betting and live their lives the easy way without having to work.
  • Look Around For Better Odds
    Try not to just settle down for one bookie. Go out and have a look, you never know which sportsbook is offering a higher odds than the one you are currently sticking to. Every betting site pay slightly differently. You should shop around and look for the odds that you think suits you more. Some people prefer higher odds while some might not. The best part about Sportsbet is that there is always something for everyone.

If you are still interested in sports betting, you should read and learn more about this industry. There is so much more to soccer betting than just learning about soccer bets. Here is a pro-tip, you should read more on soccer betting tips if you are keen on improving your football betting skills.


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