Introduction of the Hottest Online Live Casino Platform – Playtech

Founded in 1999, PT (Playtech) online gaming platform has accumulated more than 20 years of experience and refined its business continually for the better. Throughout the years, PT has garnered plenty of loyal and adept players and is seen as one of the predominant online betting industry leaders. Playtech offers different categories of games, including sports events betting, classic and well-known digital games, and fair live video games. All in all, there are more than 500 games available. Did we also mention that Playtech is constantly developing and introducing new games to the market? Carry on with this article to have more insights about the charm of Playtech!

4 Reasons Behind the Success of PT Live Game Hall

PT (Playtech) originated in Estonia, a country situated in the North-East of Europe. By 2006, Playtech was successfully listed on the London Stock Exchange and officially became an organization of scale.Playtech was consistently bringing together new resources and network talents. Gradually, they became one of the game-changers of the industry. Below show the 4 main reasons how Playtech amasses great success.

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Live classic games with surreal and vivid visuals await your challenge!

  1. Omnichannel Gaming Solutions
    Through the acquisition and integration of the Internet, Playtech has consistently expanded the company’s scale and horizon. Bit by bit, Playtech gains more resources in the gaming and managerial field.Its product software can be integrated with other products. This means, players can have access to computers, handphones, clientele, and other platforms using only one game account. Thus, making Playtech an outstanding omnichannel gaming solution provider.
  2. Wide Range of Game Selections and Broad Customer Service Base
    On top of 500 (and more) games, PT’s ongoing effort in developing more versions of games has contributed to a yearly launch of 50 new games. PT operates with an astounding of 5000 employees globally, with 17 countries that work specifically on game and technology development and has operation licensing in 140 countries. To date, they are still in the midst of expansion. 
  3. Cross-Platform Management System
    PT and Mobenga work hand in hand to come up with tools that allow players to dwell in their games through handphones, tablets, computers and other gadgets without the constraint of time. To meet the demands of their players, PT has created a powerful IMS system that enhances the game performances. Plus, IMS comes with a unified-information management system too. Through a single-game account, players can play with cross-platform games.At the same time, the IMS system benefits game providers by giving them access to extract game or player-related data that they can use to customize exclusive deals for their customers, which in return, instills customer loyalty.
  4. Constantly Increasing Their Value
    Not only does PT focus on product research and development, but it also finds a way to constantly stimulate and challenge itself. One example of self-improvement is PT’s collaboration with prominent film entertainment labels (such as Marvel, HBO, MGM and more).Along with their distinction, PT hopes to stir continuous attention among the public. Moreover, PT is committed to providing its players the ultimate game quality and service, eliminate any technical barriers that their customers might stumble upon, and build an entertainment empire through collaboration opportunities with like-minded game providers. 
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Highest Quality SicBo Entertainment With The Most Beautiful PT Live Game Dealers

The PT Live Game Hall has upped its SicBo game to the next level! The PT SicBo game hall has a TV screen hung on a wall. On top of the general dice drawing, the live dealer also analyzes the current game through the TV screen. Not only does it appear more professional, but it also gives players an experience they have yet to encounter in other game halls!
The live dealer will explain the betting situation of the current table through the screen. The explanation also includes the ratio between the bet numbers and the 4 most popular & non-popular bet numbers. This is to equip players with information that can help them gauge their betting for the upcoming rounds.
During the automatic roll of dice, the lens from the TV screen will switch from the live dealer to the desktop dice. With the close-up shot, it lets players see the dice-rolling process clearly, up until the numbers on the dice are revealed. When the screen turns, the live dealer will explain the current probability of each point appearing, once every few rounds. For players that like to study and experiment with probabilities, this sure feels professional!

What Kind of Live Games Can You Play in PLAYTECH?

On top of professional SicBo, PT also provides other live video games such as Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, and more for its players to choose from. The live videos play smoothly and do not lag, providing players an immersive experience of an actual casino.

• SicBo
As mentioned, SicBo is rather an easy game to play. With simple rules, players only need 3 dices to begin the game. But the extended betting gameplay varies, which is one of the reasons why players favor it so much.
• Baccarat
Uses 8 decks of poker cards. Each game hall has different styles and themes. When a player enters the game hall, (s)he will be greeted warmly by a live dealer. Other than traditional Baccarat, there are Dragon Tiger, Free Commission, Suzaku, and many more Baccarat games.
• Roulette
This Roulette game adheres to the standard European standard game rules. The betting options differ with different tables. Players can pick a table based on their preferences!
• Blackjack
Blackjack uses 8 decks of cards too. But what’s special about the Blackjack in PT is that it has a Japanese-speaking live dealer, on top of a usual English speaker. Such service is rather rare in other game halls.

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Introducing another Well-Known Live Game Provider: ALLBET

Many game halls have been introduced at the 9King online entertainment city. In addition to PLAYTECH, we bring to you the ALLBET game hall. ALLBET is Asia’s new entertainment group, comprising the earnest experiences from 10 professional betting experts, and has received immense love and support from the public.
With a high definition and realistic game configuration, players can engross themselves in an environment as if a real casino, to the max.