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Top Online Sports Betting Sites in Malaysia

Sports betting is the activity of predicting the results of a sports game and placing a wager on the outcome. A bookmaker, or bookie, is the person that accepts bets and calculate the odds of a sports game and pays out the winnings.

Brick and mortar bookmakers are still around, but online bookmakers are expanding at full-tilt because they are easily accessible by anybody. On this note, not only are you able to research your picks, but you can also place bets without having to leave the house, or whenever the mood strikes.  

9KING offers some of the top sports betting sites that let you bet on sports and esports. If you are looking to kickstart your online sports betting journey, look no further!

Choosing the Right Sports Betting Site

Deciding on a sports betting site is no easy feat. You want to pick one that is reliable and offers the best odds so you can have a clean sweep. After all, you are wagering real money, and the lesser the risks, the better. And if you are reading this, you are on the right track. Here are some indicators that you should look out for when choosing a sports betting site:

(A) Trustworthiness

A safe sports betting site is transparent with their handiwork. They also lay out the rules and regulations that cover all aspects of sports betting so gamblers can make a sound decision. Picking a trustworthy sports betting site will spare you from a lot of scam issues that will interfere with your account balance.

(B) Variety

Pick a site that offers a line-up of sports. Having options can come in handy when you want to switch it up and try another game, and also prevent you from having to jump from one betting site to another.

(C) User Interface

If you are transitioning from a brick and mortar bookmaker to an online one, you ought to look at the user interface because it will help create a more smooth-running betting experience. A good betting site should have several odds display formats, sorting options, live betting options, and quick site speed. It should also be compatible with different devices.

(D) Banking

Most betting sites have different banking options. Make sure the one that you pick offers a banking option that you prefer.

(E) Bonus and Promotion

Some sports betting sites offer gamblers the chance to earn extra cash, more like a gesture to help them kickstart their sports betting journey; the regular perks are welcome bonuses, deposit reload bonuses and other promotional offers.

The Sports Betting Hype – Why We Love It and What You Can Expect

Malaysians are supportive and eager sports fans. We gather at stalls together with our friends over food, stay up all night with our eyes glued to the television, or brace the relentless traffic to arrive at and leave the stadium, all to catch a match. We enjoy the togetherness, the thrilling experience, and the intensity that make our hearts pump and palms sweat.

To spice it up, even more, we engage in sports betting. Now, the thrill that we get when we watch the matches as live spectators or through a live stream is immense, but when sports betting is in the picture, the excitement is out of the roof.

And this is no dramatization because sports betting is more than predicting sports results only. To be successful in sports betting, one needs to learn the ins and outs, which includes understanding the concept of value, comparing odds and lines, picking up betting strategies, studying the previous and current performance of the team, and its team members, and so forth. All of those things require thorough research and experimenting. Not to forget, with good money on the line, it has become the gamblers’ fuel to do things right.

For these reasons, whenever the results you have predicted turn out to be correct, you get this unexplainable feeling, one that gets you to jump out of your seat and go woohoo!

Now that sports betting is available online, you can easily sportsbet whenever the season of your favourite game arrives. Online sports betting also offers different types of wagers that you can place, such as:

(a) Handicap (b) Match odds 1×2 (c) Correct score (d) Over/Under (e) Total goal (f) Half time/Full time (g) First goal/Last goal (h) Mix parlay (i) Outright

The Top Sportsbooks in Malaysia You Need to Visit if You Want to Sportsbet

Maxbet and INPLAYMATRIX are two of the online sports betting platforms you can find in 9KING. This partnership has enabled us to cover a lot of ground when it comes to matters of sports and esports.

(A) Maxbet

You can bet on soccer, basketball, football, golf, and volleyball. Games that are not too common in the Malaysian sports scene are also available, such as baseball, ice hockey, tennis, cricket, rugby, darts, table tennis, and netball. Other than these sports, you can also bet on esports and motorsports.

On top of sports betting, Maxbet also offers virtual sports and Keno.

In virtual sports, you can bet on all sorts of virtual sports matches. With virtual games, you can place bets instantly and gamble even when major tournaments or leagues are offseason. Virtual games also promise you a sure win in under three minutes.

The Keno games in Maxbet are the fastest among all, with each new game taking place in every 45 seconds. They also offer high winning chances.


As the most Innovative Sports Betting Platform of the Year in 2012, INPLAYMATRIX offers esports betting on popular games like League of Legends, Arena of Valor, Free Fire, King of Glory, and plenty more.

Adding to the bargain is the option to bet on ten games simultaneously, and the live status and analysis of the competing teams. Having information like these can help you recognize the strengths and weaknesses of each group, and make the right move and steer towards success when betting.

Another highlight to note is the in-site instant bet settlement function, which lets players collect their payout as soon as the first half of a match is over.

– FAQ –

Yes, online sports betting is safe, provided that you sports bet in a reputable platform. 9KING is a licensed online gaming platform and only collaborates with other legitimate online game providers and developers.

To place bets in an online sports betting platform, you must first create an account with your preferred online gaming platform. Upon submitting the necessary information, you can proceed to select your preferred sports betting game room offered by the gaming platform.

Once in a game room, you can browse through the sports events offered. From there, you can choose any sports matches and tournaments you would like to bet on.

Yes, to meet the demands of players, online game companies in the Malaysian market are currently offering sports betting to satisfy all players at once.

For Malaysian players who love sports betting, selecting a trusted platform is extremely important. We recommend players to bet on a reliable and honest online sports betting platform. Here are some sports betting platforms with good reputation in the Malaysian market.

The best online online sports betting platform in Malaysia: 

  • Maxbet (iBC) – The highest odds in Asia, offering a variety of betting games
  • IMSB – Reputable and has all kinds of popular sports activities
  • Legend- offers the most complete betting sports events
  • Sbobet – Sophisticated interface

Online sports betting platform offers a wide range of sports betting options including football, basketball, tennis, ice hockey, badminton, and many other popular live sports events to meet the gaming needs of sports betting players. E-sports betting events are also very popular among players!

On top of selecting an online sports betting site that fits your preferences and requirements, you should also select a platform:

A) that is reliable and trustworthy.

B) that has a proven track record.

C) that is licensed and regulated by a third party. It also needs to be an online platform that is operating legally.

D) that accepts players from different regions.

The 9KING online gaming platform fulfills all of the criteria above.

Sports betting online is the best alternative, and many players from all over the world are opting to make bets online. Here are the reasons why:

A) It is very convenient and fast to place bets.

B) There are many options for us to choose from, and you can bet on almost all sports events.

C) There are a variety of different types of wagers to choose from.

D) Online odds and lines are better than conventional betting platforms.

E) Bonuses and rewards are more accessible.

The 9KING online gaming platform fulfills all of the criteria above.

There is no guarantee that sports betting can offer you a steady stream of income. But if you have the right skills and keep a record of all your bets to find what works and doesn’t, you can earn good money from sports betting.

We always encourage gamblers to sportsbet online because an online sportsbook Malaysia has a lot more to offer than of a physical betting shop.

Here are the advantages of sports betting online:

(a) Convenience

You can sport bet anytime and anywhere on any electronic devices when the mood kicks in.

(b) Bonuses and Promotions

The bonuses and promotions an online sportsbook offers are a lot heftier. At times, they are sufficient for you to bet without having to fork out any money.  

(c) Variety

Unlike brick and mortar betting shops, gamblers can choose from a long list of sports games on an online site.

(d) Better odds

When sports betting, the goal is always to get the best odds so you can have the highest return of profit, and online sports betting sites offer better odds. Although not significantly higher, the small wins over time will increase the amount you make.

(e) Payment options

A traditional betting shop typically accepts cash as the only payment method. But with online betting sites, you can choose to deposit using credit cards and e-wallets. Some even allow you to use cryptocurrencies. 

Each sports betting site tabulates odds differently, which is why you will notice that the odds vary from one another. These bookmakers alter the odds to either make more money or attract the gamblers into making a bet.

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