6 Best Football Movies Of All Time (That Every Soccer Fan Should Watch!)

6 Best Football Movie at Here

People might think that soccer and football have the same meaning but it’s wrong as we’re living in different country with different culture and so on. In America, it is called as soccer and American football in their country is known as rugby in our country.

Football is said to be one of the most famous sport in the world, it has billions of fans worldwide, people can just make friends with others easily on the street or in any restaurants by talking anything related to football or while they are watching a football match together. Every football match is very special and can’t be replaceable, it’s very exciting and beautiful, real fans will surely know how it feels.

So now, I’m going to introduce you some of the football movies that every soccer fan should know.

1) Shaolin Soccer (2001)

6 Best Football Movies of All Time - Shaolin Soccer

For those who live in the Asia countries, such as Malaysia or Hong Kong, they will know how good and amazing this movie is. This movie is directed by and starring the one and only Stephen Cheow, who is very famous and talented in acting and directing. Shaolin Soccer is an action-comedy that directs us along the tough journey of Sing (Stephen Cheow), one of the Shaolin kung Fu master who is famous for his “leg of steel.” But nowadays, no one needs a Shaolin warrior, in order for Sing and his fellow monks to survive, they work as a street cleaner to make a living. One day, a soccer coach passes by and he noticed Sing’s talent for kicking which is really powerful and strong. They formed a football team by gathering Sing’s former Shaolin brothers to win the big prize in a national soccer competition. A strong combination of martial arts and soccer skills helps them in facing the fearful Team Evil in the final battle for the title.
Overall, the content is really great and the plot is completely hilarious, and most importantly, this soccer movie is really different compared to the others, you’ll have no time for water and toilet because you are too busy laughing while watching this movie.

2) Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait (2006)

6 Best Football Movies of All Time - Zidane A 21st Century Portrait

Zinedine Zidane, every football fans will definitely know who he is, he is known as one of the greatest French player in football history. Zidane, he himself cuts down some of the storylines to just a single game in his career, a Liga clash against Villarreal in 2005. This film is more likely an extravagant remake of Costard’s 1971 curio “Football as Never Before”, a documentary made in 1970, with Zidane replacing the
place of George Best. This film begins with a silent first 15 minutes observing Zidane’s football skills and movement. This film was filmed in real time using up to 17 synchronized cameras, Zidane was sent off as he is involved in a brawl at the very last minute. At the same time, it includes some arresting moments and is interesting on a technical and technological level. 
One of the best highlight came towards the end of the game, it is when Roberto Carlos smiled at him and made a joke that made Zidane’s face light up with a beautiful smile. It is the most endearing moment in the film that could only be captured off the wall.

This movie is also a lesson to all footballers as well, no matter what the stakes are in football, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself because it is just a game after all. It’s okay if you lose, as long as you get back up, push yourself to the limit and fight for the team again. This movie is highly recommended as I personally think that it brings you many morals and values.

3) The Damned United (2009)

6 Best Football Movies of All Time - The Damned United

It’s okay if you have no ideas about the other soccer movies, but there are no reasons for you by not watching The Damned United, it is a must watch for all the sports fan other than the football fans. Brian Clough was known as the youngest manager in history when he took over Derby Country, he was funny and friendly. 

This film tells the story of the 44 days Clough spent as a manager of Leeds United, an infamous era in the football history. Clough is also a nervous man, his passion eats at him, he cannot force himself onto the field during an exciting match with the Leeds, he remains in the locker room and tried to interpret the chants of the crowd. Michael Sheen exposes Clough’s insecurities and unconfident as he struggled against the tide in his new club while keeping his human side undamaged. 

Lesson that can be learnt in this film is that, building a good relationship with the teammates can improve and affect a team’s presentation on field and increase the chances of getting a higher score. In order to win a football bet, a bookie player should examine all these circumstances to increase the chances of winning.

4) Fever Pitch (1997)

6 Best Football Movies of All Time - Fever Pitch

This film simply talks about the romantic comedy about a woman, a man and a football team. It is based on Nick Hornby’s book of the same name, follows Paul (Colin Firth) as he is working as an English teacher and a sweet relationship with his love for the Gunners that stunned him on match days. The action come
to a climax with Paul watching his beloved team, Arsenal take on Liverpool in the final match of the season. 

Fever Pitch is an exciting and enthralling film that holds the interest of the audience, it’s well worth watching if you’ve ever been passionate about anything in life, regardless of what team you are supporting. This film is more important historically than as a piece of dramatic art and it teaches us how to appreciate someone or something that is meaningful to you. 

At my point of view, the thing that struck me about this film was the reality and ‘humanness’ of it. I could see such a thing happening in actual life, and I appreciated the portrayal of the everyday struggles of learning to refocus your priorities and commit to loving someone.

5) Escape to Victory (1981)

6 Best Football Movies of All Time - Escape to Victory

What can you talk about a film that is set in Nazi prisoner of war camp that stars Pele, Michael Caine and Sylvester Stallone? Escape to Victory supplies plenty of entertainment to those willing to suspend their disbelief to some extent.

First of all, the plot sees Caine playing the role of a British POW (prisoner of war) and former professional footballer, roped into organizing an exhibition against the guards, which quickly turns into an exposure stunt for the German authorities. Against all odds, the untidy side, supported by the inclusion of Pele and most of the Ipswich Town first team squad of the early 1980s, come back from 4-1 down to secure an excruciating draw. 

The heroes also take advantage of a pitch invasion at the final whistle to escape from their captor’s clutches, Stallone arousing madness or anger with a directly improbable save that maintains the game level. 

There were a couple of places where the plot was rather predictable and places where I simply thought it was completely unbelievable. However, all in all I would recommend this movie. It’s fun, and at time s, touching. 

6) The Football Factory (2004)

6 Best Football Movies of All Time - The Football Factory

This football movie is totally different from all the other football movies, so I suggest you go watch it now. Not all football films deal with what happens inside the pitch. Some of the popular titles of the last few years decided to mention the dark side of our game: the hooligans. 

The film charts Danny Dyer’s decent into a condition of extreme persecution complex after an unfortunate encounter with the family of Tamer Hassan, head of the hooligan outfit for bitter competitor Millwall. The movie closes with a cruel pitched battle arranged before a Chelsea and Millwall cup clash, and I bet a performance of The Jam’ s “Going Underground” is one of the best way to end any film.  

In my opinion, I found the violence and fashion to be very realistic in this film. “The Football Factory” is more than just football, it’s about loyalty, and a sense of belonging in this dysfunctional world. This film is all about being there for your mates, never giving up, and fighting for what you believe in. You should watch this film even if you are not a football fans. Tremendous fun!

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